Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter #8 from the MTC - July 30

I cannot believe that Bryson got his call to Warsaw, Poland.... Like it litterally took me reading that like 6 times for it to sink in. I didn't get Bryson's letter, but Hannah sent me one and didn't warn me not to read it. I am just unbelievably excited for him, I know that he really wanted to go there and the chances were so unlikely. I think that it takes a dedicated missionary just to learn Polish... much less teach the Poles. I am just excited that someone so close will speak my language.
Thanks for the hot sauce instructions, I think we will be making some today. I will tell you what our district thinks of it. I will also send some stuff home with Hannah, I talked to the mail room and I guess they said that there is a free service where they send it to a third party storage place and then they will call Hannah to pick it up. I will try to get that in ASAP.
Things are going good here. That cold that I had came back and now it is just a lingering cough, but it is only really bad in the mornings, it gets better throughout the day.
I am sorry to hear about Brett, what does this mean for him going forward? Are there any really bad long term effects, like I guess I just don't know what pancreatitis really does. I am praying for him though and all of you.
I am glad that you were able to splurge on a new mattress and a microwave, we were in need of that. 
This week was pretty good, we have 3 weeks from today before we fly out, so now we just call ourselves the "English Elders". It is like finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 
We watched a really good talk given by Elder Holland at the MTC in 2006, he starts by saying how much he loves us, then he outlines how we aren't reaching our fullest potential, and then he outlines how we can improve and reach our fullest potential, I think it really helped to put things into a new perspective.
Tell Bryson not to worry about the language until he hits the MTC. Guess what, Brat Hughes (one of our teachers) told me that the largest Jewish history museum in Europe is being built in Warsaw right now, I am so excited that I may be able to see that. I was also wondering if you had the addresses of any places I should see like the trucking company building or any other things that have to do with our family. Assuming any of those are still around.
We went to the temple today for the first time since that first week here, that was nice. I get 2 more visits and then it is sionara for 2 years. In some ways I can't believe how fast the MTC has gone, and in other ways, it is taking forever. Also, I feel like I know so little of the language, but I also don't feel like I can really progress until I get to Poland.
Our teachers said that clothing costs about the same there as here, but everything else is way cheaper. I guess a pretty good meal in Poland will be like 5 or 6 bucks, that sounds nice to me.
I am running out of time, I love all of you, did you google translate all of that Polish because I am not sure if it is right? Can't wait to here from you again.

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