Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Letter #6 from the MTC - July 23

Yes, hello. 
I have been really busy the past week. I was sad not to hear from you this last week at all, but thanks for the donuts. I got no mail at all, Baranowski got a couple of letters but we get the least. 
The language is still tough, but I have been challenged to take the lead on some lessons and I still don't have much vocabhulary, but I get my point across. I will probably be sending some clothing home before Poland, I think I will probably be buying soccer jerseys in Poland so I may send home some P-Day shirts and maybe some other stuff. I don't know exactly what I need, if I think of anything as I type, I will tell you. 
Yesterday for Sunday devotional, the floors in the main building were being redone so they split us into different rooms. We were broadcast a message into the cafeteria by a Brother Allen. He was a former mission president of the Tempe, AZ mission and he gave a really great talk about the hymn Come, Come Ye Saints and how it relates to us as missionaries. 
The one elder who was held back from going to the Czeck Republic for medical reasons (idk if I told you about him), Elder Prymak finally gets to go which is exciting. 
Brother Stice, our branch First Counselor is awesome, he works at BYU with the business program. Our teachers keep trying to reassure us that the language will come, it just will take a few months in Poland. Siostra Stay who is amazing at the language said that she didn't feel comfortable speaking at all until about 4 months in.
People aren't doing to well with the food here, but I am getting along fine, I just tell them that Jews have good digestion. I still don't like the food, but I get by. Starszy Vernon was sad when the MTC confiscated the Cafe Rio burrito that his mom tried to send him. Starszy Weir gets enough snacks to share with us from his kobieta (girl).
I could use some origami instructions if you want to just find some cool stuff in my books or online and print it out. Anything cool will do, I just forgot how to fold most of the stuff and I have a ton of post-it notes.
I am trying to get more pictures of what we do at the MTC, did you receive the SD card I sent last week in the padded envelope? I hope it made it.
I heard about the Colorado movie massacre, that was really sad to hear about. Is there any other big news?
I hope you all are doing well, I have to go now. Thanks for everything and I will talk to you later, Ja Kocham wy (I love you).

Mom's Notes:  We were very sad to find out from this letter that Dear Elder did not deliver our letters to Elder Godwin last week. And to top in all off Dear Elder didn't deliver a letter from my mom the week before. If you have sent Elder Godwin a Dear Elder and didn't get a response he may not have received it. You many also be able to send him letters through a different website http://www.mtcdelivery.com I have sent a care package through them but I haven't tried the letters yet.

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