Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letter #5 from the MTC with Pictures - July 17


So, hopefully you can read the nametags in most of the pictures, I have some pictures with people in other districts. Elder wall is a Bulgarian (going to Bulgaria). The super tall Elder Boysen is a 6'7" Englishman who is leaving for the Czech Republic today. Sister Roper (in one of the pictures with Elder Boysen and I) was the coordinating sister of the zone while we were Zone Leaders, so we went to a lot of meetings together, and she is a Bulgarian. The light saber pictures are something that Starszy DeShazer taught us how to do.

Last night Jenny Oaks Baker, daughter of Elder Oaks, and famous concert violinist came and talked to us and played a few pieces. That was awesome. We saw the stadium of fire from within the MTC gates. We only leave to go to the soccer/volleyball field or the temple. The temple re-opens next Wednesday so we get to go back in 2 weeks from today. That is nice because we only got to go 1 time before it closed.

I was released from the position of Zone Leader on Sunday because we are on a 3 week rotation here. Friday marks the half-way point (roughly). In some ways the MTC time has been flying by and at the same time it is taking forever. I am glad Elder Vernon is a good writer, he seems like the a person who would be.

I'll try to get some more pictures. Love you all, I will talk to you later, bye! Czesc! Do widzenia!

 Elder Godwin in the classroom with Elders Cieslak and Weir.

Elder Baranowski

Elders Weir, Cieslak, Godwin & Tingey

 Brother Hughes, one of the teachers.

Elders Garfield, Neuner & Wilson

Elders Tingey & Godwin

 Elder Wilson.

 Elder Harris

Elder Tingey doing language training at the computer.
 Elders Boysen & Godwin with Sister Roper.

 Elder Boysen 6' 7" tall, Elder Godwin 6' tall. That's what 7" looks like.
Elder Boysen is from England and has been called to serve in the Czech Republic.

 Elder Wall & Elder Godwin. Elder Wall has been called to serve in Bulgaria.

 MTC Companions, Elder Tingey & Elder Godwin.

Elders Tingey, Godwin & Cieslak.

 Elders Cieslak & Weir and Sister Packard. The only sister in the district.

Wow, that's all I can say!

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