Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Letter #7 from MTC - July 28

Hey, I have to make this really quick.

I got like 4 packages with all of the hot sauce stuff and chips and pictures and the hard drive and card reader and cinnamon rolls from Grandma Masza and from the Erskines.

First, what is the formula for the hot sauce? I have 5 bags of stuff and 3 cans of tomato sauce, how much tomato sauce per bag of mix and do I add any water? Also, the hard drive was really cool and everyone wants to know how much they cost so they can ask for them. I am trying to get a couple of things to get to Hannah before the fourth. As for my camera, I think the problem only occurs in auto mode when it tries to track objects, it is constantly refocusing on the tracked object which can be a pain but it seams to work in P mode... I hope that is what is wrong anyway.

I am doing well, the first Friday in the MTC my branch president came up to our residency thinking I didn't even know about grandma so he was relieved that I was doing OK and taking it well. They have kept us so busy here that I haven't even had time to think. I am at peace though, sometimes I get little flashbacks of her going down the hall in the hotel on the stretcher, but that is getting better.

I am sad that I will be missing the olympics, tell me any good news from the Polish, American, or Swedish teams.

I am excited to hear that Bryson is getting his call, I didn't even know he sent in his papers in. Tell me where he is going as soon as you hear. I am going to throw out a random guess and say either Chile or Czech Republic although I am probably not even close. So yeah, tell me if you want me to send the camera and/or the drive home, and how exactly to mix the sauce. other than that, things are about the same here I am starting to worry about how to get my stuff to Poland, I came in with too much and got a bunch of books and pictures and all sorts of stuff too. I am sure I will find a way. Also, the other day the Rices wrote me, both Brother and Sister Rice and Nathan. Nathan sent some cool stickers and cards from Korea and the Rices sent a really beautiful tie that Nathan intended to give me before I left. The tie is now the envy of the MTC, I have gotten so many complements on it.

OK, well I have to go... Love you all, take care. Wiem że kośćioł jest prawdziwy!

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