Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Email - April 7th

This week was good here I think the highlight possibly was the train ride back from zone training. We ended up in a compartment with a man and three women that were returning to BiaƂystok from a work seminar in Warsaw. We got to small talking with them and it was not long before they started asking about out religion. We were able to explain a lot of what we believe (it was a nearly 4-hour train ride). The questions kept coming and we were able to clarify them and to testify of the gospel and all of us in that compartment became what I would consider "friends". What was interesting to me was that after a wonderful discussion, they were not willing to do so much as to take an ulotka from us. They said that they would not use it. I was slightly thrown back, why would they not just take a simple pass-along card from their new acquaintances? Then I realized, we did everything we were expected to do. We gave them the key information, we showed love, kindness, consideration, we also left them with a choice to accept or decline. As we so often find, in this mission, and across the world, agency is key in the gospel plan.

It was nice to know that we had done all we could and should have done.
It is crazy how fast time has flown and now I am 2 months and some change from home. I am stoked for that, but sad that I will be finishing my work as a full-time missionary.
I hope everyone is doing well, I know that there are some health problems, an unsold house, and such, but I am prying for you all and I love you. Remember, that all trials are for our profit and learning.

Hope you have a great week. Love you, bye!