Monday, July 9, 2012

Letter #3 from the MTC - July 9th

So I only have 25 minutes to write so I will make it snappy. I have had another good week, the language is frustrating and I seem to be getting it a bit slower than most of the Elders.
It is nice to hear that Erik enjoys my old living quarters. Speaking of rooms, we are emailing from the English Elder's building, and everything here is unimaginably nice. This building has been completely revamped.
We went to the gym today and I ran the eliptical for about 40 minutes and finished off with some stretches, I am kinda trying to stay in some sort of shape, but the food here is not the healthiest.
There are a lot of Russian Elders leaving this week so there are a lot of Russian hymns being sung around campus, like "God Be With You Till We Meet Again". They sound pretty cool.
The Czechs are leaving us soon. They room in our hallway and have really grown on us so we will miss them, I think they go this Wednesday.
I want to send a list of music that I may want when I get to Poland. Some specific hymns that I don't have, like "Abide with me, Tis eventide", "Come thou fount of every blessing", and anything else that sounds good.
Who is Hailey gonna have play at her concert?
I may also want another photo album with more pictures if you could get some.
I think that this is our last week as Zone Leaders, they want to give someone else the chance to lead for 3 weeks, so Sunday Starszy Tingey i Ja will be training some new leaders.
I am getting pretty good at sand volleyball which was always my least favorite sport until now.
I have yet to miss a day in my journal even though I don't write much and I am not a very good writer, I get the important stuff. Elder Bednar says it is better to make a record of small plates for yourself than wasting time creating big plates.
My companion and I, we are getting along pretty. Starszi Neuner and Wilson are awesome, they are hard workers and great guys. So are our roommates Weir and Cieslak. We are doing a great job here and working hard.
We went to our first Choir practice yesterday due to scheduling conflicts and cancellations, it was cool. I still can't sing but I try my best.
Love you all, thanks for your support.

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