Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter #9 from the MTC - August 6

Hello all, 
I am glad we are finally back around to P-Day. We have had a good long week and only have 2 more to get down and we are off to Poland! I am getting more and more excited all day. The stories we hear from Siostra Stay and Brat Hughes make it sound like such a great place with really great people. They have a lot of problems over there with smoking and drinking, but the people sound really awesome. I am glad to hear that Hannah was able to pick my box up, I was worried about that all weekend. I hope everything in there makes it ok. As for what I want... Maybe 3 or 4 tennis balls if you haven't sent the package yet.
We have been studying really hard and coming up with new study plans. They say our language program has changed drastically in the past 4 months. They said it used to be that they spent about 6 hours a day doing straight language study, now they only do 1. They also only used to teach "investigators" once a week for TRC (Training resource center), now we do that about 4 times a week. The goal is for us to be able to teach ourselves Polish instead of relying on a teacher. They said so far, most of the "graduates" of this new program are MUCH more conversational and will talk a lot more, but their Polish grammar principles and vocab are not as strong.
I have been slowly improving, but I know that when I get to Poland it will all sound foreign, because I still don't understand most of what the teachers say. Brat Hughes will not be teaching us the rest of our time here because he got a 2 week internship thing in Boston, so he will be back the day before we fly out. I am sad that he won't be teaching us anymore because I really like him.
Yesterday was interesting, we went into our classroom after mission conference to watch a movie on called "The phone call" I think. (If you haven't seen it you should look it up, it is pretty funny, it should be under media and feature films). We thought the building smelled a little funny like burnt rubber or something. About half way through the movie the fire alarms went off in our building and we walked out. We were right by the front gates of the MTC and 5 firetrucks pulled in sirens sounding and all. They proceded to jump out of the trucks and get all suited up with sledgehammers and oxygen tanks and everything. We had to go sit in the gym for 30 minutes while they went in to find out what was going on. They told us we could go back in and said that one of the hallway flourecent lights had burst and burnt some of the plastic casing on its housing. That is why it smelled like burnt plastic, so they fixed the little "electrical problem" and we went on with our day. Later, at the fireside, President Brown (MTC president) mentioned it.
I got a package from Grandma Maza that had cinnamon rolls and Martinellis which was greatly appreciated by me and my room mates. We are saving the martinellis for when we get our travel plans, hopefully this Friday.
We were hoping that maybe since it is now August we might get to see a general authority for one of our Sunday meetings, that was a no go. I am kinda bummed about that, it would have been neat to hear a general authority talk to us.
That is straszny that you were almost stung, was the scorpion alive or was it a dead one just sitting there? I would be really careful in grandma's house, there are probably a lot more where that came from. From Mom: the scorpion was alive and would happily have stung me. I was just very fortunate. :)
I have been getting better at soccer, that is what we have been doing with our gym time lately, and I have been averaging about 1.5 goals a day. I still am right at the same weight which I guess is a good thing, I wish I could get in a little better shape, but we have been playing soccer instead of going to the gym.
We went and did initiatories at the temple today which was really cool, it is the first time I have done proxy initiatories and it was neat to hear all of the blessings that are given there.
My cough has gotten much better, I just started using Vic's vaporub at night, and it pretty much cleared it up after 2 nights. I think when my cough gets bad it starts like a chain reaction and just irritates my pipes so I cough more, so next time I just have to stop it early and I think it won't be nearly as bad.
I am halfway through the Book of Helaman after starting the Book of Mormon at the MTC, so hopefully I will finish the whole thing in the next 2. I also have been going over a lot of the Old Testament stories like Moses, Samson, Lot, Job, etc.
I am just excited to get to Poland and start talking to real people. Brat Hughes said that I have a great sense of humor but I need to talk more and not be afraid and speaking broken Polish, he said that the Poles really will be proud that we are learning their language and they are very patient and understanding, so I am gratefull for that.
I love you all and I am glad to hear from you every time you write. I am sorry I don't have more time to write back. Thanks for all of the updates on the olympics and news and what you guys are doing and planning. I am well over-time now, so I have to go. Thanks for everything you do.

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