Saturday, August 18, 2012

Letter #11 from the MTC - August 18

"Legitimate Last Email from the MTC"
Who knew that you get to email your last Saturday? Today is pretty much a P-Day/pack day. I will be sending home a box with a couple of things in it. I was able to get most stuff packed up yesterday and although I am cutting it close on weight, I think I will make it.
I will be calling from the Utah airport, we go to the MTC travel office at 8, then go to the airport, our flight leaves at 12:20 (all Utah time). I will probably call between 9 and 12. Maybe the Dallas airport too, but the time will be tight in there. Then we have the huge layover in London so I will call with that phone card from there. I have doubts as to whether or not we can call once we get to Poland. Nielson wrote us and told us he wants to have us move quickly through the airport so he can pick us up.
We had "In-Field Orientation" all day yesterday. They pretty much do a series of workshops from the time you get up until 9:00 p.m. It was sort of a summary of all the things we have gone over in the MTC with contacting and working with members and companionship studies, etc...
The past week has been a pretty cushy week for classes. We have had a lot of "teaching appointments" with our "investigators" (Sister Stay and Brother Buckner). They went well, except Ola, one of our investigators has problems with alcohol and she doesn't see the importance of eternal families because she grew up in a broken family.
We also taught TRC (training resource center) on Thursday. It is like home teaching, they take volunteers that speak our mission languages and we teach them as themselves. We taught Sister McAdams who said that our Polish blew her away, of course we still have a LONG way to go. I am just excited to get there.
We got a new teacher for the last few days, Brother Hillyard, because Hughes left us for greener pastures. Hillyard is awesome, but he won't be a full-fledged teacher until after we are gone. Bryson will be very lucky if Sister stay and Brother Hillyard are still there, and if Brother Hughes comes back and teaches, he will be even more lucky.
I was glad to hear that it will be raining and thundering when we fly into Poland, that made me feel a lot better Dad, thanks.
I have probably gained 6 pounds this last week from all the treats from you and Grandma and the B-Godwins and the Erskines.
I have to go now, Starszy Weir is waiting for a computer to mail on, I am over time.
We are doing our laundry now so that it will be clean when we travel (for the most part).
I guess I will let you go, I will talk to you Monday. Love you all, be ready for my call bye.
Other than this, things are going well, it's the final countdown.

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