Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Email - August 27 - First Letter from Poland

Hey all.

I am here in lodz (pronounced woodj with a funky l and a crest over the o and the z). My companion is pretty awesome, this is his last transfer before he returns home. Lodz is very interesting. It is one of the poorest part of Poland.

There is a small branch that gets anywhere from 15 to 45 members depending on the week. I bore my testimony to about 20 on Sunday, there are some really neat people there. Everyone said we speak great Polish and they think we will be fluent in 6 months (I am pretty sure they were just being nice). I don't understand a word anyone is saying to me, the men here are harder to understand, the women are usually easier to understand.

The tram system is great, it is easy to get around just about anywhere and you get unlimited access for 80 zl a month, like 25 usd. Our P-Day is Monday, today we went to Polanski's palace, he was a wealthy Jewish man that had a huge factory and a mansion right next to it. The factory is now a mall called Manufactora and the mansion is a museum.

I am trying to figure out how to at least get some pictures home, I am working on it. I also have to write President Nielson so I have about a half-hour to email you still.

The weather is nice so far here, it is a little humid for my taste, but that will change as it gets colder. I am having a good time and trying to learn this language. I was introduced to these things called fiszki that are pre-made flashcards, they are meant for Poles to learn English, but work just as well the other way. Elder J says they single handedly changed his mission, so I am glad that I got them right when I got here, he didn't until about a year in.

Oh yeah, people dress really different here. Our district is awesome, it is just 6 of us (me, Elders J, N, T, and Sisters S and F). We get together most days and do street contacting or some form of teaching. The response hasn't been great here. Most people like us to come over because they want someone to talk to in English, they aren't necessarily looking for religion. We have one old man in a park that calls us his "foreign friends" and he loves to speak to us in English and he is pretty funny. I to go but I will try to see if I can get a hand written letter out this week with more stuff, but it probably won't even get there until after my next email anyways.

Bye, I love you!

Leaving the MTC.

At the London airport. With some English money in his hands. I hope he saved that as a souvenir.

Here he is with all his luggage. He is the neon green guy!

 Boarding the plane in London. Odd that they have to get out on the tarmac. I don't remember that!

The view from his apartment I assume. Nothing like Phoenix!

At the Polanski Palace. A formal setting calls for a formal posing. Don't they look Royal!

 A little closer look. Elders Godwin, N, T and J with Sisters S and F.

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