Monday, August 13, 2012

Letter #10 from the MTC - August 13

Well, we have finally hit the 1 week mark and I am super stoked. I sent you the travel itinerary via email (you should have seen that already). 
I have been worried the whole time about the language, but we recently went and watched that youtube video of the missionary in Poland (the one I had already seen at home). We realized that all of us speak much better Polish than him. What is even better is that he now comes to TRC (where we teach him as though it were a home teaching assignment once a week) and he speaks some pretty good Polish now, that gave me a lot of hope. 
This past week was interesting, on Wednesday we got to host new Elders coming into the MTC. I got to show 3 people around, my last Elder was crying, the second Elder had a brother that looked like he was only a couple of years younger than us, he burst into tears.... like hysterically crying. That was fun!
Still no general authorities, maybe Tuesday they will we will see one. The MTC is above max capacity right now, and numbers are just expected to go up in the near future, lunch and dinner lines are starting to get super long. 
I got the charger, the business cards, and a ton of treats. Thank you Grandma Masza and the B-Godwins for all of that, it was a bit overwhelming but we were able to power our way through most of it.
We are going to be packing up this week which is cool, and we have our "in field orientation" on Friday where they review everything we have learned in the MTC in one day.
I am still writing in my journal every day. I am hoping that we can picasa pictures or something from Poland, because I don't know if I have enough time to send a card home and get it sent back before I leave.
I liked the business cards, but the heart might be taking it too far. The MTC gave us all of our travel info (bag weight, size, number of items, etc.). I think I will be ok, if not I will just jetison some stuff that I can buy cheap in Poland.
The other day we took district pictures at the temple with our Polish flag, everyone wanted to know what flag it was and what language we are speaking, and it seems like we get asked 10 times a day about what our nametag says... I really don't even think it looks that crazy. It isn't like it is a different alphabet or anything. Anyways, I am just super excited to finally get there.
I am going to try to write some letters when I get to Poland. I am glad that we only have one more week of this MTC food, we have heard so many stories of the amazing Polish bakeries, and yogurt, and fresh fruit, and all of their amazing meats. The food sounds like it is going to be good.
I got Erik's hotwheel, it was pretty awesome so thanks for that. My MTC collection is slowly growing.
Oh, we did some searching on and I was just going back for fun, I connected two lines with Adam and Eve... No big deal or anything. Where does Brigham Young fall, I couldn't find him as a sibling, maybe the connection hasn't been made?
I am running out of time, thank you all for everything, I am still working hard here and can't wait to see some real, live people next week.......... The MTC experience is almost over, it was good! 
 I love you all, and you are all amazing people.

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