Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekly Email - September 30th

So this week was good. The work was really slow this week. Other than being a little hit to my ego, I feel satisfied with our efforts, and I feel like we did what the Lord would have us do. There was nothing else that could have happened better because people have their free agency. We worked on trying to find less actives a lot this week and we finally got in contact with one young guy, we have a meeting with him this week. We got to visit with an older woman who was a former investigator. She said that she loves the Mormon missionaries and has two "missionary sons" that call her their "Polish mother", but she will never be a Mormon. She said that she used to cook for them every Sunday but she will never cook for us because we can't replace her sons.
We went to a new little city for less actives in our area called Mysłowice, it is a neat place with cool graffiti. I will send some pictures.
We were getting to the end of the week, all our appointments had fallen through. We had talked with every single person that crossed our path for a week and not one stopped for a second to talk to us. We had only gotten that one lesson with the old woman and that was it. We were pretty distraught and frantically looking for anyone to listen to us on Sunday to get our last efforts in before the week ended out. It was looking bleak, but then a woman actually stopped for us. She was very nice, very open. She said she is open to faith, but doesn't feel too firm right now. Her husband suddenly passed away 3 months ago and she asked me where he was. I was able to relate her story to Grandma and testify that they are still around, and that we will get to live with them again. She set up a meeting to talk with us again. It was a really good experience to end such a slow week.
Love you all,
Starszy Godwin

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