Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekly Email - September 9th

Hello all,
So, this week was one of the hardest on my mission yet. We worked for 8 hours a day, every day, hitting the streets harder than ever before, and had NOTHING going for us. We were getting shut down left and right. We had people calling us a sect, people bringing up a numerous host of doctrinal arguments, and every insult you can imagine. On Saturday we went out, it was a fresh new day, it felt like good things might be around the corner, and the first guy I try to start a conversation with immediately says "Their is no such thing as the Church of Jesus Christ, only the Catholic church". That may not sound that bad, but the Polish he used was very blunt and very demeaning and he did not stop there, he said "What kind of nut thought up your church anyway?" and I calmly answered "Well sir, actually, the Lord Jesus Christ did, that is why we are called the Church of Jesus Christ". He continued trying to tear down my faith as we walked away.
Then Sunday rolled around, we had ALL 0's for the week. The only thing going for us was that we were going to have one person in sacrament meeting, and we have one progressing investigator. Not that I am a number mongerer, but it is really disheartening when you have consecrated two years of your life to teaching people the gospel of Jesus Christ and not one wanted to listen for five minutes in 40 hours of work... I was beat, people thought I was gonna pass out in church. P was like "you two don't look so good" I told him it had been a long week and we had nothing to show for it. He said to keep our heads up and keep working. We had two lessons set up for Sunday after church, they both got cancelled. We went out and did the only thing we know how to do.... contact on the streets. to our surprise, we were able to stop and talk to two young women (at separate times) and tell them a little about our faith. They were both very open and we exchanged phone numbers and will be setting up appointments with them to tell them more. It was a miracle evening because we only have had a total of 2 street lessons our entire 10 weeks in Sosnowiec up until yesterday evening, all those we teach have come from referrals. It was a lesson for us on perseverance and faith, I never thought it was possible, but it was great to finally get to talk and connect with other human beings besides my companion, I was starting to get lonely...
That was pretty much how our week went.

Love you all,
Starszy Godwin
Me and my friend "Rex"

Launching a lantern

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