Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Email - September 23rd

Note from Mom: There was no post last week because Elder Godwin was in a hurry and didn't have time to write us a message. We did chat back and forth through email for a little and we really enjoyed that exchange. Here is this weeks e-mail.
Hi all,
Well, firstly, great things are happening in the mission. On Friday we had a meeting with President Edgren who is a great president. He told us (among other things) that we are now allowed to text in order to help us better fulfill missionary work. We have now moved out of the stone age and into the bronze age of human evolution. He said in a meeting with Elder Holland, that he said that we might get iPads in about a year or two. It sounded almost like more of a joke than a reality. Sister Holland apparently turned to Elder Holland and said "Honey, they need those iPads RIGHT NOW!". Then she turned to the Edgrens and said "You'll get them". That is how Sister Edgren relayed the story to us. The meeting was great, very spiritually uplifting focusing more on how faith will help us achieve our goals more than just obedience alone. We have to believe that they are attainable because this is truly the Lord's work. He also said we need to take the time to truly minister to people. He read us the story in 3rd Nephi chapter 11 when Christ came to the Nephites. He pointed out the fact that Christ allowed time for every one of the gathered Nephites to feel the prints in his hands and feet and side and to witness for themselves that their Savior had come. He could have just had Nephi (my favorite Book of Mormon Prophet) go up and tell the people that he was the Christ, but he didn't. He waited until each person had come up and seen and felt for themselves before he ministered to his Apostles and Prophet. 
After the meeting we went out for pizza at a nice, quaint restaurant with a brick oven. It was delicious. The Edgrens also said they have hardly been in Warsaw at all since they got to Poland, so maybe when things calm down she will have time to make a blog. They are doing great though and really trying to teach the missionaries to be leaders and to work with faith.
The rest of the week was full of different activities, we played some basketball with President U and K. We got to see K's dog Laila just before it gave birth. We had pizza with K and President U (we did have a lot of Pizza this week).
The weather is getting ridiculous. It is steadily around 50 or less degrees and rainy almost daily. I have no real winter layers except my jacket from last year, but it is looking a little big on me and I need to get a layer to go under it so it looks a little more normal. I have also heard that this winter is going to be the winter of all winters.... We'll have to see how that goes. The Poles are saying that last winter was nothing, this year will be a tundra.
Elder B and I are in good spirits and we have a new focus as a district to work with our members. So that is where we are at for the week.
Love you all,
Starszy Godwin
 Starszy Godwin with two of his friends from Sosnowiec.


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