Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Email - October 7th

So, this week was exciting, being General Conference and all. It started on Monday and we went to the town called Pszczyna. There was a palace there that was recommended by Rafał. The city was a good 45 minute train ride away from Katowice, so we left first thing after studies and rode out there. The city was beautiful, clean, well kept. The palace was amazing (no idea whose it is or why he was important, but it was cool none-the-less). Then we of course had our emailing time cut a little short because we were emailing last. We rode into Katowice at 16:00. We had FHE it went well, the other Elders had prepared a lesson about covenants and how we can gain Eternal Life with God.
Tuesday we had District Meeting which went really well. I had assigned Elders L and W to present to us some tips on talking to people because they are both very talented in this departement. They set up some role-plays where we pretended to talk to Polish people on buses, trams, on the street, etc. It all was really good practice, and Elder L is quite a showman in general. Later that day we had some good conversations with a couple of nice people. One man started by telling me that I probably did not speak good enough Polish to carry on a religious discussion with him. I told him I would give it a shot. We had a really good talk, he was super nice and just told me what he believed according to the Bible as he read it. I shared our beliefs, he said he wasn't looking to change, he has strong faith in what he believes and so we said good day to each other.
Wednesday we went to Czeladź looking for less-actives and former investigators. There were none to be found that day. English followed.
Thursday, all I remember right now is Institute, and it was really good. We talked about the role of the Book of Mormon and other scriptures in our lives.
Friday, we went to Tychy, a nice city not far from Pszczyna. The city was larger and equally beautiful and clean and groomed. They were mowing lawns, sweeping, etc. There was a less-active there who we visited. She was an incredibly nice woman. She loved missionary visits and hasn't seen missionaries for 4 years, so it was quite a surprise. She said, however, that she has no need for going to church, she loves the church and all it does, but it will do her no good if she sees no need. That is all we could get out of her. We are going to giver her information to our wonderful Sister missionaries and let them talk with her.
Saturday, we had a lesson with K and talked about faith and obedience and the blessings they bring. We got to see his new little puppy (Laila gave birth to 4 puppies, but 3 didn't make it). They haven't named the new guy yet, but they are gonna  keep him.
Sunday we spent basically the whole day watching conference which was wonderful. We saw every session but Priesthood and Sunday afternoon. Elder Myler was in the family choir. The talks were great, I did not see you guys nor did I know which session you went to. After the session we watched in Polish, the branch council reached out to us and called a meeting and asked how they can help us. We got some good ideas in, and they are excited to expand member missionary work.
Love you all,
Starszy Godwin

 Here is a sample of the graffiti in Poland.

 Here is Elder Godwin feeling pretty regal in his polish clothes and beautiful castle.

 Laila's puppy. If you know Brian you know that he has a love for animals that he inherited from his grandpas (both Lee and Tony). I know that he misses his own dog Roxie a lot so this is a sweet experience for him. If he could send us a pet home from Poland he would.

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