Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Email - October 21st

This week Elder Godwin did not send us a written note. In his recording he shared that they have had a good week. Work is still slow, but Elder B and Elder Godwin are in good spirits. They are enjoying working together. They are enjoying the people they have met in the branch. He sent us some pictures around Sosnowiec.

 Here is a little stray dog that decided to join them for a Kebab lunch. Of course both Elders were more than happy to share their Kebab meat with this handsome dog.

 Fall is in the air even in Sosnowiec.

 As you may be able to tell Elder Godwin has lost some weight on his mission. This is amazing considering all the food he is eating. Here he is fixing some Swedish Pankcakes.

 Playing soccer with branch members and other missionaries. My son has really white legs. He must be my boy. :)

 Here he is setting appointments while enjoying the Swedish flair of IKEA and probably heading over to the cafeteria for some Swedish Meatballs.

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