Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Email - October 14th

This week was a good growing experience for me. It was spent trying our hardest to find new investigators to teach while seeing very little success. Here in Sosnowiec right now, we don't have a teaching pool which has been rough, but such is life sometimes. I am at the point in my mission where I have come to the understanding that you can put in 110% and the Lord may still try testing you further. I always look back to my favorite story in the Book of Mormon of Nephi and Lehi, the brothers in Helaman and their years of preaching. Not to say that I have seen no success, or do not plan on having success, but they were blessed for their tireless efforts. Nephi was specifically blessed for his determination and endurance in preaching the word to a hardened people. I hope to learn the lessons the Lord sent me here to learn and to receive similar blessings.

This week we had a few good experiences. On night we were walking down a long road which we had planned to be on, and a fog had rolled in, and there were just not many people on the road. From a distance I saw a little figure emerging from the fog. I turned to Elder B and said "If it is an adult, she is going to stop and talk to us.... If it is a child, forget I said that". As she approached, we saw that it was indeed a really short adult. Elder B began talking to her and introduced us and our message. We testified and told her about the Book of Mormon and how much it meant to us. She was really open to the idea and wanted to read it. Later we tried to get her contact information, and unfortunately she only gave us her email address, but regardless, the Spirit was felt and she has our information.

Another story from the week was from a man named M. We stopped and talked to him just yesterday on the street. He had heard the name 'Mormon' before but had no idea what we were all about. I felt impressed to give him a really shortened overview, I don't know why, but I just told him that after a long time of absence, God restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a prophet. The proof of it is in the Book of Mormon. Immediately he said he would love to read and pray about such a book. He led on a conversation from there and asked more about us personally, why we decided to serve such a mission, what we were doing in Poland, the usual questions, but I felt a real spark when we talked about the restoration even though it was very brief, I felt that that was just what he needed to hear. After we had talked a little while longer, we asked if we could exchange numbers and be in contact. He said sure, but that after 2-3 days his number wouldn't work because he would be out of the country in Germany. I asked when he would return. He told me 2-3 years probably. I was a little disappointed, I am not going to lie, but I told him about the church website and that if he is interested he can go and find missionaries and a church in Germany and that I would really invite him to do so. He seemed really intrigued by the idea that we were all around the world doing this kind of work. I probably will never be sure of what happens to him, but it just felt like the right place at the right time.
We also met a really nice girl named D from Belaruse or however you spell it. She spoke Russian, Belarussian, Polish, English, and Spanish and is studying here. She was protestant and really open to different ideas. We talked to her in English because I think it was stronger for her than Polish (although I am not sure about that... Her Polish was definitely stronger than mine). We taught her everything about the restoration of the gospel except about the Book of Mormon because she had to go. Unfortunately we didn't get to set up to meet her and talk to her again, so we will just have to leave it up to her if she wants to learn more.
All in all, I feel satisfied with the week, it wasn't easy, it wasn't exceptionally fruitful, but I feel like I am learning a lot.
I did love the Peanut butter M&M's I had to share them with the district during conference, but I got my fair share. I think original beef jerkey flavor is my favorite.
Have a good Holiday week, I love you all.

Starszy Godwin

 President & Sister Nielson had a missionary reunion the evening before conference. They sent all the missionaries these pictures.

 While serving as Mission President in Poland President & Sister Nielson would cut off a piece of each missionaries tie or for the sisters another piece of clothing. They were collecting these pieces to make a missionary quilt. As they were getting ready to leave their own mission they traveled around and cut off a piece of each of the missionaries ties that were still serving in Poland. They wanted to make sure that their quilt would be represented by all the wonderful people they had got to serve with. This included some of the members in Poland that had worked closely with them.

In addition to the dedication the Nielson's have already shown they actually to a picture of each square in their quilt and sent it to each of the people in a personal e-mail. We love the Nielson's for their dedication and kind service. We feel so blessed that our son has gotten to serve under 2 wonderful mission presidents and their wonderful wives. Each bringing their own strengths and insights to these callings.

 Here are some random pictures from Sosnowiec.

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