Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekly Email - February 3rd

Hi all,
This week was good. I made it up to Białystok on exchange with Elder S. It was definitely a city with a more "Eastern block influence". We had a good time though and got to teach one of their three members with another of the three present. Elder S had the best idea ever, after his camera broke, he just went and bought a new ipod touch and has a Polish dictionary, the gospel library, and a camera at his instant disposal. He was using it up a storm and it made me think "why don't they issue these to all missionaries?" Then I thought "oh, they do... in the states." But I thought it was genius. I saw D and K in the Warsaw train station on my way to Białystok.
The rest of the week was a blur.  I got back with Elder W and we did our normal work. I am really still missing Elder K and Wrocław. I feel a little resentment that I was ripped out of such a good thing in only 2 months. I felt as though I had no chance of leaving since there was a new area opening in Wrocław and I was coming into the final leg. I know the Lord has his own plans that I need to trust, but dang!
Hey, I know I said my release date is the 17th of June, but it may be changed to the 19th in light of some recent events (Uchtdorf is doing a mission conference here and will be in the mission home from the 16-19th I think). President does our exit events in the mission home so his current idea is to postpone us 2 days and then do it and just put us in 3-somes. Elder Baranowski's dad is still coming the 17th and President plans on releasing Baranowski to the stake president (under the care of his dad) on the 17th and he will just stick around Warsaw with his dad or something... So, that is that.
I have really been trying to get more pictures (especially after seeing how much use Elder S' ipod got) so I hope to get a lot more.
Love you all, I am going to send my recording and pictures.

He is back taking pictures with Agnieska! I was wondering what happened to her.

This is a frozen river near their apartment.

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