Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Email - February 24th

Mom, don't freak out, but I am going to Białystok as the branch president up there. Transfers are on Wednesday, but I may not be leaving Warsaw until Thursday. I will be with Elder S who is already there.

(Note from Mom: I might just have mentioned that I wasn't keen on Bialystok before he left for his mission. It has to do with history. My bad!)


This week was a complete blur to me. I know that on Tuesday we took a culture night at the Polish National Soccer Stadium where they have set up an ice skating rink in the middle for the winter... Yes, we ice skated in the national stadium. That was a treat getting to be in the center of Polish soccer and pride and doing something fun. I only fell once ha, ha, but I did develop a mean blister on my right food... Dang flat feet. We also went out and got "Mexican food" at burrito boys... One word 'DON'T'
On the missionary work front, things were slow. We had some potential investigators set up appointments and then fall through. We have been on a constant hunt for 2 months with no real footing.

I am excited to go serve in Białystok as branch president, it is a little nerve-racking, but I think I will pull through. I am currently the living mission record holder for most cities served in at 7. I am the nomad of the mission and have seen every corner of the blessed country that is Poland and so it shall be until I leave. I have tracted many a building in this land and talked to many a Pole from Szczecin to Katowice to Białystock to Wrocław. Let it be known that I have hugged the gnomes of Wrocław, sailed the boat of Łódź, and skated the ice of Warsaw in just 2 short years and now I will get to see the largest Russian Orthodox church in Poland in just a few days. My shoes have stepped on many a Krakowian cobblestone and many a Będzinian street graffiti.

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