Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Email - February 17th

This week was good. We were able to teach some really good street lessons, and get some new investigators as well. These people were really cool, and we had lesson at one man's house whom I met on the street on Wednesday. When I got to his apartment, he had invited some friends over that were part of a Christian alliance group (non-denominational Christians). They got a little bible bashy, but nothing I couldn't handle. I ended up just telling them that the only way they were ever going to find the answers they were seeking was by reading the Book of Mormon and asking God if it was true. He was just so sure that it could not be  true because the bible is complete, but he had never given it a chance. It is too hard to leave your comfort zone for the next step.
Other than that, I also had a great exchange with Elder W in Bemowo. We even made it to Adam's ties for lunch! We got some free matching "exchange ties" out of the defect box and so all is well that ends well. We tried to get some pictures for the parents as well ;)
I got to see some friends from Wrocław yesterday after church who were in town for a mini MTC and got stuck here for the day after missing a train. It was overall a good time and a good week.

 Elders S & B the Zone leaders.

 Elder W. getting his proof that he does use his camera to take picture to send home. Way to go Elder W.

 2 Arizona boys in Poland with their new ties from Adam's Ties.

Brian found his favorite treat. He owes his height to PB & J Sandwiches. That's what he got to eat if he refused the family meals.

 Here are the ties he picked up this week at Adam's Ties in Warsaw. Pretty nice. I see a paisley in there!

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