Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Email - January 27th

So things went well this week I am low on time so this will be quick. We haven't had anything crazy happen, I think the culminating highligh of the week was my interview with President Edgren, he really helped put things into perspective for me. He asked me a lot of questions that made me realize just how much he cares about and worries about the missionaries here. I realized that I have been trying to improve my mission and myself from the inside out, focusing on myself too much. I realized after talking with President that we develop the most when we reach out to help others. It was just something I picked up from some of his questions that he had about the missionaries in my district. We haven't had any crazy new experiences, no new investigators to report, but we search everyday. We generally tract when it gets down to -15 celsius, so that isn't really a problem. I don't think they make "gear" that is meant to survive that temperature for very long, but there are always places to go to warm up, so we are surviving. I have discovered the magic of mittens. Best purchase I ever made on my mission... Why would anyone ever wear gloves is the true question.
I am having a good time. My companion is doing good, we are doing good on hand warmers (we found a stash from a previous missionary and we have re-usable boil ones). All is well in the hood. We are having a good time and I am learning a lot from being a leader here in Warsaw. I realize it still is not my favorite scenario, but I am learning from being here, so I can't complain too much. I wouldn't mind a nice last transfer away from here though. I am tied for the most cities served in in the mission right now (six) my running mate is Elder S. I am hoping for a 7th, Gdańsk here I come! President let it slip that he may be transfering Elder K out of Wrocław soon and he also asked me what a good situation for Elder W next transfer would be, so I think I may be doomed to stay as W heads out.
Well, time is about up. I love you all. I will talk at you again in a week. Żyjcie długo, i rozwijajcie się.

Out tracting. It looks way too cold for me. 

Whiteboard... that looks too cold too. This Arizona boy needs some sun!

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