Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Email - January 13th

Hello all, 
I am safe and sound in the beautiful little village of Warsaw. The trees are green and the pigeons are singing. The bus fumes are absolutely invigorating and the emailing is only a dollar an hour. All in all, it is pretty nice. Well, the district is indeed comprised of just about all of my former companions and friends. Elder W is pretty great.
MOM: His full name is ..... W. He is from Idaho Falls and does indeed like potatoes. He is very book smart, he studies hard and it shows in his Polish. He is pretty cool and already able to handle himself. This is my second comp from Idaho (J and W).
I have already made it to Adam's ties, it was pretty great. They are really nice ties, not "the only" good ties in the world, but they are nice. I bought 5 today and got 6 "skazy" ties for free (ties with small deffects). I am planning on buying about 5 more for me and you should place any orders if you want any, we probably won't be back there for another 5 weeks or so.
We are teaching two investigators, both over the age of 65. Warsawians are pretty kind. The weather is getting cold and rainy (soon to be snowy) so I am not thrilled about that. I am already layering a lot. Hopefully it won't go too far past February and we can get some spring action going on in March and all will be well in our neck of the woods. As for now, the sun is still out most of the time, so it is not the dark grey gloom of years passed.
Our area is nice with many nice parks. Shopping for groceries is our only real inconvenience, our grocery stores are about the most expensive ones in Poland. Our apartment is fairly small but really nice. It is very clean and new compared to my last place. We even have an induction stovetop that boils water in like 1 and a half minutes.
Well, I have to send my recording that has an actuall account of my life. I think this has a pretty accurate account of my current real-time circumstances.
P.S. I can't believe Spencer is back already, he looks exactly the same.

Elder Godwin at Adam's Ties. It's a tie factory in Warsaw.

Could he possibly be sending a letter home? :)

 Elder K. helping Elder Godwin on to the train. Elder Godwin really enjoyed training and serving with Elder K.

 Here is what is left of the Wroclaw district. New beginnings for them as they welcome in 3 new elders and 2 more sisters.

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