Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Email - January 6th


So first thing is first. I am getting transferred. I am going to Warsaw and will be companions with Elder W (Elder K's MTC companion). I am District Leader over Warsaw I. I was really hoping to stay in Wroclaw for at least the next 4 months, and I never had a desire to make it to Warsaw, I prefer the smaller towns.
The rest of the week was prettty normal. We got to teach this really cool guy named M, whom the sisters found for us. He is really philosophical. He speaks English very well, and he is really nice and very well read in a lot of philosophy. I think he would really like hanging out with Ramsey at the University. T joined us on the lesson and she did amazing sharing personal experiences and such, she is a great recent convert and we are glad to have her. We also tracted into a woman by the name of E who could not let us inside because she had guests who were sleeping, but she listened to a really quick message outside her door and then promised to read the Book of Mormon. She seemed really cool and really sincere. That was one of the tender mercies of the week.

Well, I will leave off here and try to get my recording to you (it is very short this week, sorry), I love you all though and hope you have a great week

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