Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekly Email - July15th

This week was great. We have a new mystery person who sends us mysterious text messages through some online texting service who tells us who we should work with to help less-active members. So far that has been going great. We are either naming this mystery person Jarvis from Iron Man, or Q from James Bond. I like Jarvis more. We have found a a few new people to teach, including a woman who sings in the train station tunnels in Sosnowiec. We are stoked about that.
This past week we went over to a member's house and helped him clean his basement which is basically a Cold War bunker. In the basement, we found gas masks that he was going to throw away, so we of course took those and cleaned them up and have legit Cold War masks now. We are stoked about that. This member also has the cutest kitten I have ever seen, he is just a little malutki.
We are working hard and trying to find some cool investigators who are really interested, we are doing our best hope to get things going. Most of the Katowice members come from our area, so it has a lot of potential, it just takes some work.
We found a new super cheap, super awesome grocery store called Kaufland and it beats out even Biedronka and Netto in price, quality and quantity.
Hope all is going well for everyone at home. Love you all, have a good week!
 Here are the gas masks they found.

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