Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Email - July 29th

Hi all,
This week has been rough in some ways, but we are still doing good work. We work all day long every day, we just do contacts with people on the street for 8 hours a day. We did have a lot of fun this week though in doing this work. 
For one thing, there was a hula party in a park this past Saturday, and Elder Boyce and I showed up dressed for missionary work. We ran to the closest open store and grabbed the first set of sale items we could find and got changed. We looked fabulous and our branch president loved it (especially my big fat American missionary shoes). He cannot believe that I am a size 47 (13 US). 
We had a good lesson with another man on the shore of a lake. It was a real "Jesus" teaching moment. We taught him that message of the restored, everlasting gospel right there in a nice peaceful setting, and then he told us he has no desire to change at all. We also have been working hard with members to get them interested in sharing the gospel. President Edgren is coming to give a fireside talk on Wednesday which we are all excited about, and we are hoping that we can find an investigator that will go with us.
In other news, there is a heat wave moving through Poland and we are at about 104 and SUPER HUMID. I am dying over here. 75 with humidity is bad.... 100 with humidity is unbearable. It will supposably subside around Wednesday (so I have heard)...
Love you all,
Starszy Godwin

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