Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekly Email - July 22nd

Hi all,
This week has been another good one. It started on Monday with a trip to the zoo for Elder B and I. We got in for 12 zł and proceeded to walk the whole giant Katowice zoo with every animal from Rhinos to a hippo to emus. The animals are also way more active here where it is not 170 degrees in the daytime. The whole thing was a nice experience that turned great when we saw a "dinosaur park" in the zoo with Dinosaur statues. We then went and rode on Dinosaurs and got some good pictures of that, it was like a dream come true. "I feel like a palaentologist whose been hunting dinosaurs my whole life and finally got to meet one!". That was a blast.
During the week we had the opportunity to stop and talk to a girl on the street for a while and it went really well. Her name was A and we talked with her for some time about what she thought about religion, what Mormons believe about religion, and we just had a really good conversation. It was all going really well until she had to go to catch her bus.
Other than that,this week we had the opportunity to go to the circus here in Sosnowiec. I was very excited because it was my first circus. It was no "Ringaling" Brothers, but it was very entertaining. The whole thing was in Polish and they had everything from lion tamers (with 6 white lions) to a magician, to a set of clowns doing skits. There was even a Ukranian artist who did the rollo bollo (or however it is spelled) where they balance on a board that is on top of a tube or piece of piping. He was balanced on a board that had a tower of blocks of different sizes underneath it, and then at the bottom was his pipe with a small block on top of it. Not to mention, all of this took place on a platform about 7 feet off the ground already.Then, his assistant threw him three clubs and he juggled up there. It was nuts.
That is the meat of the week, the work is going kind of slow, but we are still in good spirits and we know we are doing all we can, so the rest is up to the Lord.
Love you all,
Starszy Godwin



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