Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Email - June 3rd

Hey family, hope all is well. It sounds like you all had a crazy week. Camp sounds like it went over well and there are a lot of other things keeping you busy. I am praying for you all.
This week has been great for us again. We are having a hard time turning street lessons into lasting investigators, but on the bright side we are having a ton of street lessons with cool people.
We met a couple who live in England, the wife is Polish and the husband is actually an inactive member. They were very nice and we sat down and had a long talk with them and their Polish friend who introduced us to them. We got to talk a lot to the husband who is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. He has certain concerns with the church that come from a past experience he had in his family, but he is very respectful to the church still and even said that he "didn't write himself off yet". I hope that something we said was able to help him. His wife thanked us a million, she said she was praying for something like that to happen, and there we were with her friend. It was either a total coincidence, or God put us in that situation because it involved a long series of events including leaving the house late, taking an odd path, helping a man whose car broke down, and walking right by a specific restaurant and happening upon a woman who used to learn English from the missionaries. Wow, it was inspired. We are going to try to stay in contact with them and see if we can help in any way. We have their email address and they said if we are ever in London after our missions, we can stay at their place, they would be happy to have us as guests.
We also met a man by the name of M. We were trakting a building and a man stood at the bottom of the steps. He called up to us and said "hard work, isn't it". I was a little hesitant and stand-offish when I responded, but he began walking up the steps, as he approached, he said in Polish "I am from here, but I live in Montreal, Canada", and he switched to flawless English. We began talking to him and learned that he is a really cool guy. He is probably about 50 years old or so. He is here in Szczecin caring for his mother who is terminally ill. He has to take care of her until the end and he will go back to Canada, but while he is here, he has been looking for someone to talk to in English. He really seemed like he was just looking to have a good conversation. He was incredibly nice and had a lot of language help, he speaks fluent English, Polish, and Spanish. He was really funny as well. We asked if there was anything we could do to help, he said no, but we could come and talk to him sometime. He had met missionaries when he was 18 in Austria and he knew all about our church. I hope we can talk with him again.
All else is well, Polish is coming slowly but surely. The food continues to amaze, we finally made it back to our naleĊ›nikarnia and kebab shops with our newly acquired MSF. The past week was rainy all week, but it didn't stop us. The rain here is cold because it comes straight from the Baltic sea. All else is good. I hope you are all doing well. Love you all, until next time.
Starszy Godwin

 Brian finally bought some tortilla's and made himself a quesadilla. He is a really happy camper!

Here is another view of his Mexican inspired meal.

 The view of a cruise ship from their apartment.

 There was a Star Wars convention at the mall. 

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