Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekly Email - June 10th

This week was another good one. We have been teaching all sorts of people on the streets and in parks. Last Monday we went to go see the central cemetery here in Szczecin, it was amazing. Definitely the largest and wildest cemetery I have ever seen in my life. We probably walked 4 miles of trails and only saw a fraction of it. We stopped an old man there and had to ask him for directions on getting out of the park, turns out he just wanted to talk our ear off so we had to listen to 30 minutes of his life story before he would give us directions. We have been really working on beefing up our English classes and getting more students. We have 5 regulars, they are older women who like to come and socialize. Now we have a group of younger people that are starting to come out so hopefully good things will come of that. A lot of young Poles really want to speak good English to find better work. It doesn't come easy to them because Polish is so different, it is hard to switch over. We are really hoping that as the class here in Szczecin gets larger we can begin having more fun activities here.
The miracle story of the week happened when we taught our recent convert, S. We were teaching her and trying to answer her questions about what she was reading in the "Isaiah chapters" of the Book of Mormon. She then pulled out her study notebook. She had gotten a notebook for her gospel studies and had drawn out a plan of salvation in the back complete with pictures and the like. We never even asked her to do anything like that, but we have been trying to get Polish members to focus more on their studies and having goals like that for decades. I remember back to last Sunday, Fast and testimony Sunday when I got up to bear my testimony. I bore my testimony in Polish about my new study journal I had made and how much more I was learning from reading the scriptures and writing about it, and Elder K. was translating into English for S. Then I realized just how much people are affected by our testimonies when we share them. People recognize us as servants of God and then, if they feel the spirit when we talk, they want to emulate us. It was amazing to see what an effect it had on our branch, not just may testimony, but all of the missionaries and members.
This week in church we had a good turn out with a few less-active members coming back and an investigator for a grand-total of 6 members, an investigator, and 4 missionaries! Sister K. made it back to church and her broken ankle is healing up quite well and she was able to give a talk yesterday. Everything else is going good. Today we are just gonna take it easy for P-day and just chill probably at Galaxy mall and the chapel.
Hope everyone at home is doing well, I wish you all the best and a great week!

Love you all,
Starszy Godwin

Here are pictures of Elder K and Elder Godwin at the biggest and craziest Cemetery they've ever been too. It looks really interesting!

 They took time to be silly!

Here they are having Pizza. This makes me laugh because Elder K is very health conscious and he has taught Brian to watch what he eats. This is no longer the usual diet, but it must have been good!

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