Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Email - June 17th

Hi All, 
This week was a good week. We had an exchange that started Monday afternoon and ended Wednesday after studies. I was in my area with Elder W. The exchange went really well, Elder W wanted to focus on his language studies and I wanted to focus on my personal studies so we learned a lot from each other. He taught me about how important it was to not just be able to paraphrase scriptures and use them in teaching, but to know where they are found and what they say. He helped me create a plan to study the Book of Mormon scripture mastery scriptures and I am also looking for 25 personal scripture mastery scriptures from the Book of Mormon so that I will have a good set of memorized scriptures. I realized recently as my language skills and teaching are improving that I do not use scriptures as well as I should. Then, I went through a language study with Elder W. I helped him study a concept he was having a hard time with and we talked about study techniques. I think this was a good focus for our exchange. Elder W is doing great, we are good friends now, we even ordered a pizza together (it was actually about the 2nd time either of us had ordered a pizza in Poland). We did really well and he is fearless. We set some good goals, I have the goals: to memorize the 25 Book of Mormon Scripture masteries by the end of the transfer. To find 25 personal scripture masteries as I read the Book of Mormon cover to cover (I am in 2nd Nephi right now). To apply these things in teaching situations of course, and to improve my language study plan. Elder W wanted to be more informed on their daily plans. To always remember his planner and language study supplies. To also remember the 25 Book of Mormon scripture mastery. And to have more productive Language studies.
We taught many people this week. Had a great turnout at church with an investigator after sacrament meeting, and a German member family coming to visit our branch. Elder K was translating for S, and I was translating for the German family, so we each had a full 2 hours to work on our Polish-English translating. I am now going to be preparing to give a talk this next week, and I am going to give it for the first time without reading the whole talk (I really need to work on my public speaking skills and what better way to do that than using a foreign language to a congregation of 6). I am excited for what this next week brings and hope that all is going well at home for all of you.

Love you,
Starszy Godwin

Here they are with the Pizza they order together. Elder W from Queen Creek and Elder Godwin. It is an accomplishment to order Pizza in Polish. :)

 They walked by a stand that sold personalized Coke Cans. Of course, we just had to buy one.

 The 4 Elders went to a park for culture night. It looks like they had fun.

 I guess they feel pretty cool in casual clothes!

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