Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekly Email - October 8th

Hello all. It was nice to get your email and to get to talk to you live last week.

My exchange with Elder Bokińsky was awesome. I learned a lot. Being only one transfer ahead of me, Elder B... is awesome and very hard working. We taught a lesson to a man named Z.... Neither of us had very good Polish so we worked together really well. Z... had a member friend sit in on the lesson too. Then half-way through the lesson when we were running out of things to say, the doorbell rang. Another member showed up, he does a lot of translating for the church, he is a voice actor and musician. As soon as he came in the room, he took over like a hero. He shared a scripture that he had recently found, and what he learned from it and invited the other members to find a way to apply it. It was amazing. Later that evening we had a discussion with a man on a park bench named E..., we talked with him for over an hour about the gospel. He kept telling us that he thought all churches were the same, he is believing, but hates churches. But he wanted to keep discussing religion, he was amazed by the concept of a restored gospel because it was his belief that the true gospel of Christ was destroyed with the apostle Paul and that it was no longer on earth. 

Back in Łódź we got to have a really good experience too. We got a referral from a member the referral's name was M... and he is a student at the university here. He wanted to do a report for school on the history of our church in Łódź. We talked with him for nearly an hour and he loved it. He said that he was amazed with our teachings. At that point we invited him to attend General Conference with us for the live translated morning sessions. He showed up to each session in a suit and white shirt and tie. He was amazed, he said he had never seen anything like that in the Catholic church, so many people in such a spiritual meeting. We plan on extending a baptismal date tomorrow to him.

I am amazed with how some people seem so prepared to receive the gospel even if they don't know it. He came in expecting to write a school paper about church history, and in doing so, he is actually finding more and more faith in Christ. We have already extended commitments like reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon, reading a few pamphlets, coming to conference, and meeting with us again, and he is keeping every commitment we give him.

Last P-Day we made it to Radagoszcz at 4:45, the museum section is supposed to close at 5, but they closed up shop early. We got to see the train and the outside signs, but it was a huge bummer...

Today we are scheduled to go laser tagging and buy me a good European overcoat. I am going for something classy and simple, wish me luck, this is what I will use to survive the winter. The last few days have been really cold, Elder J... said it feels like what it did last November in Poland. yikes.

Otherwise I am doing well. I did think as to what you could send me that are either hard to find here or expensive. Really, really warm socks are one (like thik wool socks).

I have to start writing to president. I love you all. I got Grandma's letter, Judy Pulver's letters, and the Rice's letters. I am very appreciative you are all writing me. I love you all and send my thanks. I do not have a lot of time to write letters, so keep sharing the blog in the mean-time. I know this church is true. This general conference was full of amazing revelation and great spiritual talks that had a different message for me, my companion, and our investigators, but for each of us it was just as powerful. I am grateful to be a part of it. I will talk to you all next week.
 Here are some pictures Elder Godwin sent home. Don't know exactly what they all are, but they are interesting anyways.


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