Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Email - October 22nd

Things are really wrapping up in my first transfer in Poland. I got my call from the President last night, I will be staying in Łódź and my new companion will be Elder J who is currently serving in Kielce. He is only one transfer ahead of me and he will be DL and senior comp so he will have a lot on his plate. Elder N is moving to Kielce so that companionship will be "whitewashed", I don't know who will take their place yet. Sister S is opening up Wrocław for the sisters (there used to be sisters there so technically she is re-opening it). Sister F is training a new sister that is coming in this transfer. I am no longer the new kid on the block and hopefully my Polish will pick up faster because I will be forced to speak more with a companion that is not as strong in the language. I am excited to see what he is like, it should be pretty fun.
Segwaying was awesome, and I did survive (I did fall off once, I got too confident going through some bushes). Our tour guide was awesome, he split us into two groups because the sisters weren't as fast or adventurous as us so he went and made sure they weren't going to get hit by cars or anything, and we went off and flew through a huge beautiful park at 12 mph. They are pretty thrilling, but they also get old after a while. I actually think I prefer go-karting.

Today we are just going to chill as a district and hang out at Manufactura mall. It is crazy, I am already 1/6 of my way into the mission (not that I am counting)... It is already beginning to go by so fast, and I am still struggling (as everyone does) to get the language. We do have a pretty cool branch. There are a lot of older members that have been baptized for around 20 years, and then there are J and R. They are in their late 20's and pretty chill.

There are a few YSA people that show up, R, D, S, M. I haven't really gotten to know the rest of the branch yet. Except sister D, she is the choir director. She is one of those "tough but fair people". If you are singing off a little bit, she will make you sing alone, and she wants perfection, but it is good. she also speaks wicked fast Polish. And I forgot, last but not least is the T's. Brother T is a British he is married to a Polish woman who has a doctorate degree or something in Polish language and translates a lot for the church. They have one son who is about 3 years old. He is a little genius.

I get 9 more weeks to try to get to know the rest of the branch, so hopefully my Polish improves and I get to talking to a lot of people.

We have another investigator, E, he is 6'7'' he is studying to go into IT, like networking and such. He has talked with us before, he is a member of another Christian church here, but is open to other ideas and likes having someone to talk English with too. He said he really wants to read the Book of Mormon, so he was planning out how many pages he wanted to read a day. Cool guy.

Other than that, not much is new, I am just waiting to see what my new comp will be like, and how our new district will be. I need to write president now, I am hoping that all is going well at home and can't wait to tell you how this next week goes. Love you all, bye!


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