Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly E-mail - October 15th

Hello family,

It is nice to be emailing you again.

I bought a winter coat, but I haven't gotten a picture of my coat yet, I will for next week, it is just a nice, slim, black, conservative overcoat that just looks very professional... It have been told by a couple of Poles that I will not survive without a ski jacket, but usually Poles just wear a ski jacket and a t-shirt underneath, so I am not worried if I layer well. It is 80% wool and fairly thick so with layers I should be fine.

As you know Sister Nielson had cardiac arrest last week. She is at the hospital. She is having surgery tomorrow to have a pacemaker put in and the surgery will be performed here in Warsaw.

I find out next Sunday if I am transferring that week or not. I was promised by Elder J that if I am transferring, we will go back to Radgoszcz and see the inside that last P-day. Chances are that I will stay for the next transfer though.
This week was really cool for us here in Łódź. We made the goal at District meeting that we wanted each of the 3 Łódź companionships to get 12 or more lessons. We had lined up a good number of appointments and very few of them fell through (which is actually quite unusual). We were able to teach almost everyone that we wanted to teach and we were also able to pick up lessons on the street. There was one point when Elder N and I went on "temporary splits" while Elders J and T were working an open house we were having at the chapel. Elder N and I were trying to invite people into the open house. One man stopped and talked to me in Polish and English. I was able to teach him a lesson about the Book of Mormon, where it came from, why it is important, and promise him blessings from reading it. He claimed he was not interested in religion after seeing the evil that Catholic priests were capable of, but he would read the book and tell me what he thought. So who knows, maybe I will hear from him again. 

Today we will be segwaying for P-Day, you can rent them on Ulica Piotrkowska by the hour, so that will be fun. I am also getting my first haircut in Poland, it is much needed, but wish me luck. 

I am glad to hear Paul is getting married. I send my congratulations. Tell him Matzeltov from me!

We went last week to see Fiddler on the Roof on stage in Polish (translated to Skrzypek na Dachu). It was a great production. I understood about 40% of the Polish I would say, and about 95% of what was going on from having seen it before and knowing the story. They did an amazing job, and it was neat watching it in a language so close to the original Russian that it would have been in. We get to have 1 culture night a transfer that goes from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. and we have to do something culturally significant. Next transfer we will probably stay out late for day of the dead. It is a Holiday of respect here where everyone makes an exodus to the graveyards, and the week before they clean their deceased's grave sights, and on the night of November 1st they light candles and decorate the graves. They have already been selling candles for weeks. 

I am going to have to go to write President and maybe get some pictures home. I love you all. Keep up the good work at home. We are keeping up the work and morale here. The church is true. Jesus is the Christ, he died so that we can live again. Dzięki Zadośćuczynieniu Jezusa Chrystusa, Możemy idź do Boga z naszych rodzinach znowu. Mam Świadectwo że przez wiara i posłuszeństwa do prorok i Boga, możemy wytrwać do końca.

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