Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Email - October 29th

Well, I guess I have a lot to cover. My new companion is Elder J from Provo Utah. He is a pretty swell guy and has a lot on his plate being senior companion, District Leader to a very young district, and only being one transfer ahead of me in the mission. But things are going great.

I have gotten I think two packages from Grandma Masza (maybe 3 I don't remember, don't freak out, I think I am getting everything). I also got your package. I ran out of MSF money this past month because things got crazy with district dinners due to Elders T and J finishing their missions. I am also still shopping out some winter stuff (gloves, muffler, maybe boots, socks, etc...). This week was crazy!!!! Saturday was the first snow, and it snowed all day. I don't know the official measurement, but they predicted 2 cm according to J and it looks like we got a lot more than that. I have never been in this type of winter before so it was really cool. I usually do fine on MSF money, just a crazy month, also thanks for the PB and Nutella and stuff, but I really can get that here... Not that I don't enjoy gifts, but buying it local would still be cheaper... 

Me and Sister F are the only surviving members of the old Łódź district because Elder N went to Kielce and Sister S went to open up Wrocław. The first few days were just spent getting our bearings because I was used to just being led around, and suddenly I was doing the leading. We are all good now though.

The Poles live in interesting conditions. For the most part they are fairly poor by our standards, they make enough to get by. But they all eat well, they have a decent place to stay. Most average households have smartphones and dress just like Americans would.The cost of food is super cheap. They have modest, but decent sized apartments with heating and good plumbing. No A/C, just radiators, but they work well, we can get our place cooking pretty good if we blast our 3 radiators and we have a heating pipe in our floor that heats the tile pretty well. Other than that, they are pretty humble, they don't do many extravagant things, some can travel to England every once in a while, others just live in Poland their whole lives and go with what they've got.

I have been trying to respond to letters, but I am backed up a bit and there just isn't very much time. We walk the streets all day just straight contacting, so we are pretty beat by the end of the day, plus I am companion to the DL so he does nightly calls during our planning session which really eats our afternoon times.

Everything else is going great, our district is getting along great and we are still doing our best on the boat. I have to go if I want to get any pictures to you and write the president. I wish you all the best of luck, I love you all, have a great week. Remember who you are and what you stand for!

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  1. He looks just wonderful! And please, tell him in your next email that he doesn't need to respond to my mailings...I just do it to let these wonderful missionaries know that they are not forgotten! I know how busy they are!!!