Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Email - May 6th

Hey all,

Things in Szczecin have been great. I have been called to stay here for the next 2 months, and Elder K moved from the other side of town to be my companion. We are having a great time so far. Elders M and W are the two new Elders in Szczecin. Elder M is our District Leader and just got called to be Branch President as well, so he has a lot on his plate. There is a whole new spirit here in Szczecin, and overall we are doing amazing. In the last couple of days I have seen a new spirit and as much success as two weeks would have brought just a little bit ago. It is amazing to be able to teach S. She is our investigator. She is so amazing, just 2 months ago she had never even heard of God, and she is going to be baptized next week. She is such a spiritual person and it has been a blessing to be able to teach her for even just a few days. She is also our new branch pianist because no one here knows how to play piano. So that has been a miracle. The rest of the work has picked up as well. We were able to teach a lot of lessons to people on the street, we were able to share the Book of Mormon with a lot of people as well. We even talked to a man from Canada, he teaches English here and he was very interesting and had never heard our message before. He said he was interested in us because he had never thought of the concept of a modern prophet before. We told him that just like in the times of Moses, Abraham and Noah, God called men to be prophets and prophets revealed what men had to do to be saved. We need prophets in our day to do the same, nothing has changed. If you believe in the Prophecies and writings of the Bible, then you should see why a prophet would be so important. He was fun to talk to and we are hoping to see him again. All else is well, I hope all is going well for people back home and around the world. This is an amazing work that we are able to participate in and I am glad I get to work here in Szczecin and learn this crazy hard language and work work work...

Love you all,
Elder Godwin

 Here are some of the members in Szczecin.

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