Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Pictures from Sister Nielson's Blog

President & Sister Nielson spent the week-end in Szczecin. I love when that happens because that means more pictures of my missionary. We are really going to miss Sister Nielson when she leaves. I just hope and pray that Sister Edgren will take as many pictures as Sister Nielson.

On Saturday afternoon the missionaries and some of the members gathered to have pizza with President & Sister Nielson. That's one big pizza!

 Here they are at the missionary correlation meeting.

Here is the whole group posing together. It's good to see Elder K and Elder Godwin are getting along really well.

 Here is the Naval Academy in Szczecin. Isn't it beautiful!

 That bread looks so delicious. I wish it was gluten free and that I could have one.

Here is S playing the piano for the other members. She is in Poland to get her Masters in Music. I guess she is amazing on the Piano.

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