Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekly Email - May 13th

Hey all,

This was an amazing week in Poland. We have been finding all sorts of cool people to talk to on the streets, and that has been nice. The branch is running very smoothly out here. Elder M. is doing a great job as branch president. We also had a baptism on Saturday. One of our investigators, S was baptized and confirmed a member of the church of Jesus Christ, it was amazing to see that. She is great and super spiritual and she has taught us how to be better missionaries as we have taught her the gospel. Elder K (my companion) and I are rocking it up here. We just smile at all of the Poles and they don't know what to do with themselves. The food here is amazing as always. I LOVE kebabs and naleĊ›niki so much. Elder K has been teaching me some yoga and we have been stretching daily and getting some good chi flowing, that has been nice and relaxing. I got to talk to my family on Sunday night and wish my dear mother a happy mothers day (love you mom, thanks for raising me to be who I am). Everyone was there, my sister Hannah even got "conferenced" into the phone call from Utah (isn't technology amazing?). It was a great experience and now I just have to wait until Christmas for my next phone call. Until then, I hope that I have many more amazing experiences to share, many more people to teach and talk to, and much more good food. I am loving my time here, and I think this will be another great week. I have an exchange today with Elder M. then President Nielson is coming to Szczecin for a branch conference, that should be amazing. I gave a talk in church on Sunday about baptism and enduring to the end in the gospel, and so I no longer have to stress about writing that talk. Polish is still crazy and I am learning a ton every day, but the language just has so many aspects and is so unpredictable, we will see how it goes from here.

Love you,
Elder Godwin

 Elder Godwin and his buddy from home Elder Caskey.

 Elder Godwin's and Elder K at the Baptism of S. Happy Day!

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