Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Email - November 26th

Note from Mom: Brian got a recorder so that he could record his weekly messages to us. He has very little computer time and this would allow him to send us longer messages as well as free up some time for letter writing to others. So this is his first weekly recording that I transcribed for the blog. Enjoy!

Hello people,

So, it’s weird to talk in to a microphone. I’m going to try record this best I can and I hope it works.

This last week was pretty cool. On Monday, I went on an exchange in Warsaw. We first went to do our emails, then we went shopping and then we went to IKEA. We didn’t have much time there because we got a call when we got there saying that I needed to get on a train at 6:15pm at Widzew station. So, we pretty much went right back to get me on the train. I went to Warsaw and spent a day with Elder C, my MTC roommate, which was pretty cool. I was with him all day Tuesday and we just contacted all day. We didn’t have much luck there. It was cool though! On Wednesday I took a train back from Warsaw to Lodz. I had the wrong kind of ticket. I had a PR ticket and I needed a PKP ticket. I had to buy a different ticket on the train and pay a little extra. It was OK though! I got back to Lodz and tried to get a refund on my ticket, but couldn’t do it because I was at Widzew Station and I needed to do the refund at Kaliska Station.

Then we taught our English class which was fun. I haven’t told you much about the English classes. We have people that show up regularly, their names are R..., K... and J.... They are a bunch of jokesters, they are like 20 something years old. J... just lost his job and is looking for a new one. K... is like 30 something almost 40, I think. We had a few other people that showed up and it was a fun class.

Then Thursday was Thanksgiving. Nothing really happened all day as far as Thanksgiving. We did have a lesson with B..., our baptismal date. I don’t know if I’ve told you anything about him. The sisters tracted into him one day and he let them in for a quick lesson and they extended a baptismal date right there and he accepted. So we inherited that baptismal date from the sisters. He has come to several lessons and he has been to YSA multiple times.

We had a YSA Feast for Thanksgiving. The new senior couple the Lloyds said they wanted everyone to come to YSA hungry cause they were going to cook a lot of food. So we showed up to YSA and we had our institute class that we usually have which is taught by Sister T, the wife of the man from England. Then after the class we had a Turkey dinner with stuffing and cranberries and all the stuff that we normally have so that was pretty neat. That was pretty much all of Thursday, we hung out and had a really nice evening. R... the new convert sang for us. He likes to sing so we had a little concert. So that was Thursday.

On Friday Elder J... didn’t feel good cause he had a cold. We didn’t leave our apartment until 1:30pm. We had planning until 1:00pm. Then we went and did a whiteboard with the other Elders where we go out and stand on the main shopping street, Pietrokowska. We go out and stand with a whiteboard with a question on it. We tried to get people to stop and talk to us. The question was: “Does Life Exist After This life?” This question makes more sense in Polish. We didn’t have much luck. On Saturday, which was yesterday, we went and contacted by the university here, Politekniki. There is a park out by that area, it’s really big and nice. Everyone there was really nice. We stopped an older couple and they were really interested in what we had to say. We gave them a Book of Mormon and they were excited to go and read it. But we couldn’t set up and appointment with them. Then we stopped another women who was super nice. But she was really catholic and so she told us that she didn’t really think we could convert her. We talked to her close to an hour about religion and everything and she was really nice. Then we stopped another lady who was sure we were Amish and that we were still polygamists. She was nice about it but it was interesting. There was a film here a while ago that mistranslated Amish as Mormon so a lot of people think we are Amish. Which is one of the many fun things about Poland. After that we went to have lunch at a place called Miami Hot Dog. We ordered their burgers there, which was probably a bad idea. There were some pretty sketchy burgers there, but everything turned out OK, I haven’t died yet.

After that we went to Manufactura and bought me a recorder so that I could record my messages to you. So Merry Christmas to me! It was cool opening a piece of technology. After we bought the recorder we went to visit a dude that Elder J... had met while Elder D... was here on exchanges on Tuesday. The guy had said that he wanted us to come by his house. He gave an address that doesn’t even exist. That was interesting but that happens quite a bit. Then we went home and did some calls and contacted for a while. Then the other Elders called and said they wanted to do another whiteboard even though we had just done one the day before. So we were like “why not” so went to P Street to do this whiteboard. There are some really cool people out on Saturday night. There was this guy from Toronto who didn’t speak any Polish. He was there with a polish girl who I assume was his girlfriend. He was amazed by our Polish! And he was really interested in our church. He had never heard of Mormons before. I don’t know how you can live in Canada your whole life and not hear of Mormons, but he did it. We gave him a BOM and hopefully we will hear back from them because they seemed really cool. We gave out another BOM. Then we went home and had Sloppy Joes.

Today, Sunday, we went to church. We had a new presidency because Elder T went home and he used to be the Branch President. So they had to get a new president and so it’s actually a member. I was really tired all day because there is no sunlight here, I’m taking vitamin D but my internal clock is all off. After church we had a correlation meeting with Rysek. Then we got back here and now I’m recording this. Tonight we have to place one more BOM to reach our goal of 8 for the week. I hope that we can give out this last BOM. I might record more tomorrow, because today is Sunday, just before I email. If not then I should say good bye! I love you, you are all awesome. Thanks for this cool Christmas Gift.


I just wanted to add, that tonight, Sunday November 25th, at roughly 20:20 I gave out the 8th BOM of the week. I took us to our goal. I put the team on our back! There was just some cool dude sitting in a wheel chair and he was being pushed by somebody. And I stopped them both and I said: “We’ve got this free book that we are giving out that have more words of Christ.” The dude that was pushing him, got his phone out and started talking to someone. The guy in the wheelchair was genuinely interested and took the book and I told him “more words of Christ”. So that’s the newsflash of the day. Over and Out!


I feel like I need to write some. I don't have much time left, I got a bunch of emails this week that I had to go through. You should have my recordings though, I hope it all works well. It is really convenient for me because I don't type well and I don't have much time to type. 

I love you all. I tried to answer Bryson as best I could. Things are going well here. I can't think of anything I am in desperate need of at the moment. Erik rocks and I bet he is rocking the sax too. Another thing is, it is possible if you record yourselves in mp3 format I think I can put it on the memory card of the recorder and play it later too. If Erik wants to rock out or something that would be cool. I am not sure if it will work, but I don't see why not. I will try to write more next week and record more. Stay classy and be excellent to each other.

Ok that is all, love you all have a great week!

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