Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Email - November 12th

Hellos from Poland

Hey all.

It is nice to write to you again. This week has been nice, but first I will address your letters.

For Christmas, I really don't know what I want/need.... I have access to anything I need, and as far as wants, I don't really have time to do much in that category... I do have a request though, just based on an experience from another Elder. You should send any packages to the mission home address (the original Warsaw address). One of the other Elders got transferred out before his package made it in and they don't deliver to apartments here, you have to pick it up at the post office, so his package just got sent back to the states. I think the mission home is the best way...

This past week, we have just been working hard. We have started tracting a lot because it gets dark starting around 4:00 now. We have not been let in yet, but one guy did listen to us for a minute at the door and took a Book of Mormon and said to come back Thursday when he has more time. We ran into another guy on the street who stopped us and said that he had just heard about the Mormons on the radio and he wanted to learn more. He said he had investigated many other religions and he has a firm belief that one of them has to be correct but he hasn't found it yet.
Sounds like the perfect investigator, well....since then we just keep playing phone tag... We are still trying though, he seemed really sincere.

R (the other elder's investigator) got baptized on Saturday. He is really cool, we helped set that up and then set up for church all day on Saturday.

Other than that, it is just a lot of tracting and contacting, we don't have all of the ward activities, referrals, or other finding tools like basketball that other missions have, so far most of our work here is just showing people that Mormons are normal.

I am in need of recipes, preferably some simple/quick ones with cheap ingredients. We are looking to also cook a Lucia and/or Thanksgiving dinner this transfer so maybe some stuff that fits in that category. Rice pourage, meatballs, stuff to make with rice and kielbasa, potatoes, etc. etc... We have our normal stores and on occasion we make it out to IKEA. That would be cool.

It might be nice to get some souvenirs here for Christmas, I might get some instructional books like origami, cooking, etc in Polish or something cool like that. That will give me something fun to do for language study. 

I should go though, I need to write the pres and send some pictures your way. I love you all and wish you the best. Keep up the good work. I know the church is true, this is an important job we are doing and it is for a great cause. Don't get discouraged... bye!
 Here are some pictures from our Segwaying P-Day. Which was a blast!

 Me and Elder J, before he went home.

Here are a couple of pictures of me with ''Agnieszka'' she is just a girl that does stock photos that are used on everything in Poland. She is on our juice and milk and flyers and language learning adds, etc... So it becomes fun to spot her and try to get a picture with here.

 Here we are after R's baptism.

 Zone Conference Group Pictures.

Lodz District.

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