Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekly E-mail - November 19th

Hello all,

It was nice to hear that the house is finally up on the market, and it is looking great. I hope that all goes well there.
I need to get right down to business. FIRST, I have a proposition, but I wanted to see if you even liked the idea. Elder Ż does this and I thought it sounded interesting. He has a voice recorder that uses just normal SD cards, and he records a weekly message for his family so that he doesn't have to try to jam everything into an email. Then he just plugs the card into an SD card reader at the library and emails the recording. Not sure if that is something you would even like. You wouldn't have a written transcript to read at your leisure, just something to think about.

Second, I can now tell you about my week. This week was pretty awesome, the sisters got us a baptismal date named B... who is pretty awesome. We met with him twice already, but then he skipped our third appointment and sacrament meeting. On the bright side, he called us last night and apologized and set up again for Tuesday. I made my first Polish phone call to B..., and all was well, both parties were understood and I felt really accomplished! 

We had exchanges with an AP and an Office Elder. The whole situation was kind of confusing but I will explain as fast as possible. Basically Elder B and J (his comp) were supposed to come to Łódź to go on splits with my comp and I. Then J got sick, so B took H, an office elder, instead. H was my companion for a day. It went really well. H was cool, he is from Whales and a really funny chap. Basically it went just like any other day... contacting, picking up B to accompany him to the chapel for the first time, contacting, etc... 

Later in the week Elder S got sick (everyone is getting sick, I haven't caught anything yet *knock on wood*). Elders S and Ż had a lesson, so we had to do emergency splits. I stayed with Elder S while Elder Ż and my comp took the lesson. They were out too late to make it back to get me back home with my comp before curfew, so I stayed the night at the other elder's place and Ż took my place. We switched back in the morning. My second Polish phone call was made to Elder Ż's investigator.

The sisters got transferred out of Łódź into Gdańsk. They are missed greatly, and we are still figuring out how we are going to divide up their area book and such.

I think you just emailed me so I will send this off and see..... Hold on.

Note from Mom: Brian and I went on chatting for a while, here are some snippets from our chat.

Just yesterday, we went out to contact a referral from the office who wanted a Book of Mormon. She was not home, but we decided to finish tracting the street that she lived on. In one of the buildings on her street, we tracted into a nice mother who did not take a Book of Mormon, but she was very nice and said she would love to research more. She was going to check out Mormon.org and see what it had for her. It was not some “huge miracle”, but it was a tender mercy. That night, not much else was really going for us. We were just tracting and being turned down, we had no lessons planned, etc. Also, while tracting, we got calls from 3 people who set up lessons with us. Another tender mercy.

Also, you can post somewhere public that anyone who wants to can email me or dear elder me, I just may take a long long time to respond... [brian.godwin@myldsmail.net] [Dear Elders can take weeks to get to him]

The new senior couple is cool. I think they are still getting used to Poland. They served in Hong Kong before. I think Poland is even harder than that mission though. They are making a YSA Thanksgiving dinner that we are invited to. The comp and I are doing great though.

I got the recipes you sent, can you send me some more. I don't really have much in mind, just cheap and quick. Maybe some stews/soups/other hot and good stuff. We can get meat, potatoes, carrots, all sorts of veggies really... maybe some Beat recipes, they have a lot of beats here. Split pea soup for days where we combine dinner and planning time and have a couple of hours to cook. I have a blender and we have every appliance except a microwave.

Well, I am going to let you catch some zzzz's. Love you all, keep fighting the good fight. I won't freeze, I am a man of any climate. Today is actually surprisingly warm, but I don't know the exact temperature.

Love you all!

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