Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Email - November 25th

This week was great, and we saw a lot of cool things. For one, Jarmarki opened up, this is like a little Christmas village in the town square, and I suppose that Wrocław probably has the best in the world, so I am lucky to be here at this time. We have been a couple of times, there is even a little roller coaster in the middle, we are gonna have to give that a ride. We have been working with some cool investigators, and we have been meeting cool people.
On Monday we went out to explore some of the many malls in our city, it appears that Wrocław is a city of malls, there are about 9 that I have counted out on the map, and that doesn't include some very large indoor "bazars" that are basically malls with no named stores. So we wanted to go mall hopping a bit, but we only got to two of them We are going to see one more today and then go to the Christmas village again, I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time there.

There have been quite a few investigators coming from english, unfortunately, we are having a hard time getting them to really want to do anything. They are fine with hearing about our church and learning about Mormons. We are teaching a really cool guy "J" who is just awesome. About 50 years old, he has a wife and three teenage/adult kids. J has been ready for baptism for quite some time. He knows the church is true, he has a testimony, he just needs a little more family support. His wife is actually quite supportive and really likes the church, she just doesn't feel like she needs to join it right now, she said J could get baptized though. I think it is just hard for him, he feels like it would split up the family. Talking with Sister B in our district, I asked what she would do with J if she were teaching him, she said "Well, we have a sort of 'motto' right? It goes 'Find, Teach, Baptize, Keep', sometimes I think that we need to 'find, teach, and keep for a little while' before they are ready". So we are at that cross roads. I really respect J for how far he has come, and how strong his faith is, and I really like the guy. He also feeds us and loves having gospel discussions at his place, so I feel like we are really good friends. The other day, on a tram on the way home from his house, he was riding with us, and he told me some of the difficulties his son was going through, and then asked what he can do to help his son. Imagine that, a 50 year old father of 3 asking for parenting advice from a 20 year old missionary... I felt honored, but he is a great guy. He came to church and said he invited his wife, but she is tired from some post-cancer treatment she is on and she couldn't make it. I hope and pray that something changes for him. 

We are also hoping that some of our other investigators from English start making some real progress and at least giving the church a shot. We had one girl in our english class a couple of weeks ago who quietly came up after class and asked if she could take a Book of Mormon to read and keep. I told her of course and she didn't show up after that. 

Everything is going great here though, my companion is awesome. You would never know he was a trainee, he speaks magnificent Polish, no joke. He is a great guy too, we have really compatible senses of humor, so we are liking serving together. Our members here are doing great, we have been trying to get investigators so that we can have members sit in on lessons and help us teach, because it is always good for them to get an opportunity like that. 

We had the opportunity of teaching the Priesthood lesson this week in church, luckily we got to just do it off of a talk by President Uchtdorf, titled 'Come, Join with Us'. We read and discussed many of his points. I love the beginning little story where he describes all of the responsibilities and unpaid obligations of being a member of the church and then someone asks "Why would anyone want to join such a church" he replies with "I thought you would never ask", then he goes on to say all of the great things he has learned. I feel like that same thing could be said when looking at my mission "Why would anyone want to serve such a mission?". But it is probably the most rewarding experience of my life so far. I love the people here, I love the gospel, and I am learning so much about my relationship with God while helping others to develope theirs.

I hope everything is going well for everyone back at home, I love you all, hope you have a great week, and I will email you again in a week.

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