Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Email - September 24th

Hi All,

I have had a pretty good week. Go-Karting was amazing, we paid for 10 minutes and the guy let us go for 16.5 because we were so funny to watch and we were the only ones there that day. I was by far the most aggressive driver, I knocked everyone else into a wall at least once. This week is laser tag.

As for the mission front. We do have one progressing investigator, S. A (our recent baptism) is becoming an amazing missionary that we have used on lessons. A missionary who was serving in England from Łódź has returned, R. He was put in as our new branch mission leader.
Today we witnessed a woman pass out on the tram from an alcohol overdose. First we heard a lady yell "JEZUS..... JEZUS", then a man tried to get on screaming "jestem lekarzem" (I'm a doctor) while others were trying to push him off yelling that they should give her some space. Finally the paramedics arrived and took her off the tram. It was interesting.

Everything else is going well, my breathing is fine so far. Daily schedule is awake at 6:30, study from 8 to 11, and then usually contacting till lunch. After lunch we language study for an hour and then contact again. After contacting for a while we have dinner and then usually have time to contact again, and then back home to be in by 9:00 and in bed by 10:30.

No tomato sauce or soup selections. They have Polish soups like żurek.

Did not bring the chia or flax seed, but we have found flax seed here, we used it in a couple of smoothies once.

The language is still tough, I am getting to the point where I can understand and answer simple yes or no questions, but Elder J said his first real Polish breakthrough was 4 months in and he is now one of the top 3 or 4 best speakers on the mission.

I forgot to tell you, this past week was the weekend in Łódź. We had YSAs from Warsaw, Katowice, Bydgosz, and other cities come over and have a Friday-Saturday YSA conference. It was neat to see all of the young Polish members reuniting with old friends and having a good time. A lot of them had great English which is rare for Poland, and they learned all of it from talking with the missionaries over the years. On Wednesday Elder J and I had rented some professional weed-whackers and tried to clean up the land that the church owns that they want to build a chapel on someday. The goal was to make it useable for football and outdoor games for the YSAs, but by Saturday it was too cold and rainy to do outdoor things.

The chapel will be built if we get an average of 50 people in sacrament meeting a week for a full quarter, yesterday we had 53, just a few more months of that and Łódź will get a chapel built and we can stop renting out below a yoga studio! Please pray for this to happen.

Ok, well I want to try to get some pictures sent home, so I will have to leave it here. I love you all. I hope everything is going well at home. 
I know this gospel is true and that we are here in Poland representing Jesus Christ. The work here in Poland is slowly progressing, I know that the peoples hearts can be softened and that great things will happen here. The members here are so strong, this is not an easy place to be Mormon in. They are all pioneers, and that makes me so proud of them.

 Elder Godwin filling the baptismal font for A's baptism.

Elder Godwin cleaning up the land of the future Lodz chapel.

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