Friday, September 7, 2012

Repost from President Nielson's blog.

Zone Conferences Warsaw!

Today, Thursday September 6, we held Zone Conference in Warsaw to meet with the great missionaries who serve there. It was another great conference, as each conference is different because of their needs and situations. It is also fun to meet in the Wolska Chapel. When we meet here the people visiting the Family History Center (now operated by the Members who do an outstanding job) look in and are impressed by our missionaries and the great examples they are. We just have great looking, hard working and impressive missionaries! Warsaw II District: (Sitting): Elder and Sister Peck (Office Couple), Sisters Holmgren and Masters. (Standing Middle Row): Elders Dopp and Hayes (Office Elders), Elders Hancock and Wilson (serving in Lublin), Elders Fletcher (District Leader) and Manwill, (Top): Elders Jensen and Basha (Assistants). Lodz District: (Sitting): Sisters Forsey and Smithee, Sister and Elder Tarasevich. (Standing): Elders Neuner, Tanner, Johnson and Godwin. Warsaw I District: (Sitting): Elder and Sister Jensen, Sisters Sheahan and Packard. (Standing): Elders Bokinsky and Pofelski (Zone Leader); Elders Hooker (District Leader) and Baranowski; Elders Rogers and Roberts (both serving in Bialystok). After a morning full of instruction, we break for lunch....and catch up on other business... Yes! We celebrate birthdays occurring since our Zone Conference in May.With a rousing round of "Sto Lat" (the traditional Polish birthday song), we hand out homemade chocolate chip/M&M cookies. Those that celebrated a birthday were: Sisters Smithee, Forsey, Sheahan and Peck; Elder and Sister Tarasevich; Sister Masters and Elders Dopp, Manwill, Johnson and Rogers. The Warsaw Zone ended up being 'home' to 5 of our 11 new Missionaries who have been in the field 16 days. They are working hard, blending in well and their Polish is great! This is also their first Zone Conference along with Elder Bokinsky who has been in Poland one transfer longer than our new Trainees. (LtoR): Elders Bokinsky, Wilson, Baranowski, Godwin, Neuner and Sister Packard. So...families at home....they are doing well! Their companions and trainers are taking very good care of them! This is a great group of future leaders in the mission. It's always fun to get a 'Sisters' picture. Especially since almost 1/2 of our Sisters serve in this Zone...6 of the 13! Sisters Tarasevich, Peck, Smithee, Packard, Sheahan, Holmgren, Forsey, Masters and Jensen. Also, 1/2 of our Senior Couples serve in the Warsaw Zone...The Taraseviches (who will be leaving soon after serving 2 years with us), The Pecks and The Jensens. What would we do without our Senior Couples?? They add SO much to the mission. Want to make a difference in the world?Serve a mission! We love our Senior Missionaries. They are priceless!
Now it's up early in the morning to head to Bydgoszcz for our final Zone Conference this quarter.

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