Monday, February 4, 2013

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A great Sunday in Krakow....February 3, 2013

Saturday morning President had the thought that we needed to attend the Krakow branch tomorrow.  It was raining, and I was not looking forward to the long four hour drive.  I called and checked out the trains and found the perfect schedule.  So off we went on the train. We were sure glad we did... 
Meeting with the wonderful Saints of the Krakow Branch!  Sunday morning we had 24 in attendance.  The Branch President was ill this morning, but everything went just fine.
We got there bright and early Sunday morning and found Zbigniew, the Branch clerk, working diligently at his church calling.
 Brother Dziubla, a member of the Branch Presidency, was carefully preparing the Sacrament....
 ...and our great Elders, Szymanski and Godwin, were preparing for their investigators that were coming to Church today.  They had three investigators attend this morning, and that is always a great day for our missionaries.
Today in church, we had several branch families in attendance....
 Pawel and Hania were there with their cute little boy...
 As was President Gaskill, a member of the Katowice District Presidency, with his children.
 Mitch and Sarah brought their two children bright and early as Mitch is our organist and does a great job sharing his talent.
Some of the Sisters in the Branch...Johanna and Teresa. These women are very faithful and have a great spirit about them.
Hania and Sarah put their heads together today and taught Primary....bilingual style! 
The Primary in Krakow is growing! We have made plans to 'spruce' up the Primary room and make some major improvements  to accommodate all these bright, young minds who are eagar to learn. We'll keep you posted.
What a delight it was to be in the Krakow Branch today. Great things are happening in this little Branch....changes are coming to help accommodate the growth there!
It was a great visit to this great branch.

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