Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Email - January 7th

Elder Godwin is doing great this week. On P-day which was also New Years eve, he had the opportunity to take the bus out to Auschwitz. Because of the schedules he wasn't able to get out there before the Museum closed. So unfortunately he wasn't able to go to the museum. He was able to see some of the other buildings that are in Auschwitz main. Here are some pictures from Auschwitz.

It was definitely a sober experience. This was something he really wanted to go and see while in Poland. He will try to get out there again and hopefully be able to to get there a little earlier.

 Krakow is a beautiful city. It is a very picturesque and he loves the Rynek which is the square downtown where everyone goes.

Here are some horse carriages at the Rynek.

 Here is another picture of Elder Godwin with a poster of the blonde girl that is on all kinds of advertising. It is his goal to get a picture of himself with as many of her posters as possible. He's looking really good!

 Elder Godwin is really proud of his new winter boots. He especially likes the warm furry interior of the boots. He thinks it's funny that the boots are marked "FASHION" on the heels. So I guess he must be very fashionable!

 I don't know that history of the little paintings on the wall, but I guess the Elders got a kick out of them.

Elder Godwin made a cover for his Book of Mormon. Turned out pretty good if you ask me.

Elder Godwin shared with us how thankful he is to be able to be in Poland at this time. He loves having the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people in Poland. There is no more important work for him to do at this time. He asked us to join his missions scripture reading challenge for the year. Read the Book of Mormon by April 30th. He says that if we read the scriptures every day, pray and fast we will feel the spirit enrich our lives. The mission has also extended the challenge that as we read the scriptures to mark the scriptures with 4 different colors, one each for FAITH, CHRIST, OBEDIENCE and REPENTANCE.

I have been so thankful to the challenge extended and I have enjoyed reading along with my son and the other missionaries serving with him. We feel so blessed  to have a missionary out there working hard serving the Lord. We do miss him, but there is no other place we want him to be. This is a wonderful experience for him. He is growing in his faith as well as a person. His heart is in the right place as he wishes and strives to serve others, both spiritually and temporally. He has fallen in love with Poland and loves being there. He has met some great people already.

Stay tuned for more news on Monday!

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