Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekly Email - December 10th


I’m going to try to record this while making Swedish pancakes. We’ll see how that goes.

So this last week, on Monday, Elders J and Z wanted to sleep for P-day so me and Smith went out and had a fun day walking around. Mostly on P street where everyone does their shopping. Because its got fun stuff to look at.

Tuesday, me and Elder S had an exchange together and we got to hang out together. We had district meeting that day and I got to practice roll playing as if I was contacting a large group of people. Which is always fun to do. And then me and S went out and walked all over the place and we got to see all sort of stuff. We also taught a lesson to B. It was cool, neither of us really speak Polish, but we handled it. I cut my hair on Tuesday and I think it looks alright. I did it myself.

Wednesday, we switched back in the morning to our regular companions. We switched at Manufactura. And while we were there I bought myself a really cool fountain pen. Then we went and did a free board. Where we give away a bunch of brochures and Book of Mormons. And give them away for FREE. We gave out 7 BOM’s that day during the free board. I lie on Wednesday we did a white board not a free board. We did the free board on Thursday. The whiteboard on Wednesday wasn’t that cool. We did have English class on Wednesday, we hadn’t had a chance to get our papers copied for the class, so we decided to take the class on a field trip to get the papers copied at the mall. Then we went back for the class. After that we went tracting.

Thursday, we did the free board. Then it snowed at the end of the free board. It was freezing cold. It is not so bad if you're walking around. But if you stand around it is freezing cold. As we walked down P Street to go back to our building there were some volunteers from a food bank that were trying to get us to go in and we actually did. They took pictures of us because they wanted to commemorate the event. It was actually a holiday on December 6th. It’s called “little Christmas”. After that we went back to have a lesson with B, but he didn’t make it. But we stayed for a YSA dinner. Then we went back to the same building to tract that we went to the day before. Then we contacted a nice couple on the street. They were like “you guys are the ones that have 10 wives” we told them we don’t and they were like “no, that’s not a bad thing”. That happens quite a bit because of movies they have seen.

On Friday, we had our planning session. We don’t leave the apartment until 1pm. Which is way to late. Then we had lunch with the other Elders and the Bazar where they have Chinese stuff. One of the shop owners was kind of cool. I was looking at hats and he was like, “hey, I want to talk to you about your religion. I was the only one that was right there. He asked me a few questions and then he asked “do you think Christ is better than Jehovah? Those conversations aren’t usually the best. Then Z who speaks better Polish took over. So we gave him a Book of Mormon. He was pretty cool!

Then we had to get to R’s place for coordination meeting. The tram lines were down so we had to walk a ways. Then we tracted near where we live to finish our day. There are really nice buidings there. Here is our miracle story.  We go to the domophone and start calling people and no one lets us in. Then a man answers and doesn’t say anything but then we hear click and the door opened. It was an accident though. We got to his door and he wasn’t really happy we were there. But we keep on going. We got to another apartment and it was my turn. When the guy opened the door I forgot what I was going to say. So I just said, "we are missionaries", then he just stood there, then he said “I don’t have time for this”. Then all I could think of saying was “it’s free”, so he opens the door again and says “you say it’s free” and I’m like yeah, so he calls his wife over and says “honey, they say it’s free. We had a really good talk with them. So we are supposed to go back to them.

Saturday not much really happened, we had planned on meeting with some less active, but that didn’t work out. That was pretty much Saturday.

Today, Sunday, we went to church and R2 got the Aaronic Priesthood. That was cool! B didn’t make it to church. We did go out to contact. We had a goal of giving out 10 BOM’s and had only given out 7. So we went out by the university to see if we could give out the last 3. We usually have good luck there. The students are more willing to listen. We stopped one student, and he had heard of us. So we talked to him and gave him a BOM. I actually remembered to ask for his name. I usually forget. His name was P, and he said that he would read the book and call us. So unfortunately we didn’t reach our goal. We just got to give out 8 BOMs.

It has been snowing a lot lately and it’s very cold. I’m looking for some boots, because shoes aren’t going to be enough. I’m looking for some cheaps ones that I can throw away after the winter so I don’t have to carry them around. It’s hard to find shoes my size, most stores top out at size 45 and I’m size 47.

I found out just now that Swedish pancakes made from strawberry flavored buttermilk are a strange creation. They don’t have any strawberries in them they just have a strong strawberry flavor.

I finally sent my package. It cost an arm and a leg unfortunately. Other than that outrageousness, I hope it reaches you well. I also sent a letter, which should reach you even sooner I would think. There is also a paper towards the top of the package that explains the contents (I really hope they are all safe. I do apologize for the packaging job and lack of protection in there. Most things are not breakable, the things that are, are not of great value, but they are some cool gifts that I wanted to make it in one piece.

I take pictures of my emails and read them later. I could print them but I am too lazy to talk to the guy at the printer and count change. I have no idea how Skype is going to work on Christmas day. IF I am still in the Warsaw zone on Christmas day (I may be transferred out of it) then I will have a Zone Conference in Warsaw that day. I don't know how that will affect the Skyping, or if it will. I explained this in my letter home.

Love you all, have an amazing week. 
Wszyskiego Dobrego, z miłością, 


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